martes, 26 de agosto de 2008


interesting now that I wrote the "bored" title on this page, I was wondering how many people are actually bored and just write on their blogs, well this seems every so often for me, I have a few blogs but I write either when I feel I have something to say or I am really bored.

Well lately, since my last post ( I guess, I have not checked ) I have been working on SL as usual, today I got a few messages from facebook, that thing looks like my schoolbook, only former classmates. ( high school )

I grew up with them, I was on a school where we all got in kindergarten and we graduated all together, so I really did not have much social interaction outside of high school until I got out of it... well graduated.

After that I had what I thought at the time was a healthy social life, then after some years I realized some parasites just where my friends or """FRIENDS""", to get a ride on the car, sad aint it ?

Anywho after that I had some friends in college, university, I guess that either I am a pain in the ass or those friendships are not worth much, there are a few I still know their whereabouts but that's about it...

I remember I saw one day on TV that when you are young you have an average of 50 friends or so, and as you grow older that number goes down until you are around your 60's and only have around 3 friends... well at the pace I am going It seems that at 65 I'll have no friends lol

actually during my life I did not care much about friends or acquaintances, now that mostly it is me and my GF ( wife, fiancee ), I kinda miss having other people to talk.

there's an issue thou, I have never been easy to speak to, or mostly I can say I have never been the kind of person to open up to others so I bottle up a lot.

I have always said you can know me for years and know a lot of things about me, but never really about me, to some point, a ghost you might say.

you can say a lot of the things I have done but not who I am or what my life is.

I think that even here, I talk a lot about my stuff, by not about myself, sometimes I feel like I want to open up and just say thing right out, but it is hard, even in writing.

someday perhaps.

well thanks for reading see you soon I guess.

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