domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Cyber Racism ...

ok I love youtube, actually I do have a blog where I post some of the nicest videos I have found on youtube, I think it rocks, anyhow we all know that there have been other services based on youtube that have emerged all over the net, one of them is called VEOH, I do not live on USA, ( believe me this is relevant for this ). ok anyhow, I used veoh since it started, I liked to watch anime, and videos there, it was a kool site, but then one day I went to veoh, and what did I find. I could not even log in VEOH, not even open the main page I just get a note:

Veoh is no longer available in .
If you are not in or you think you have received this message in error, please report the issue below.

how kool, it seems that since I am not a USA resident I can't log in Veoh Anymore, well I went online searching about this ( at first it thought it was only my country), but SURPRISE, Veoh blocked access to people of 164Countries claiming that they are not a big enough audience ( well others say that because Veoh is supported by sponsors the ==clicks== of those 164 countries do not cover the usage of bandwith )

but anyhow the real issue here is, that is just a form of racism or Xenophobia, lets give a real life example, lets say there's a place in what... California, they are giving free balloons, and there's a line, ok you go there with your kids and make the line, at the end they ask you for your ID, or any document that states where you live.

so you present it, and they say ok no no, look you are from a poor neighborhood, we will not give you the free balloons, this are just for people that live on hollywood... that would piss you off or not ? ( I guess so )

But this case is even worst, they don't even ASK you for an ID to know where you live, they SPY on you, they check your IP against a database to know if you are worthy ! ( that's just sick )

I know that there is the issue about Digital Rights Management of content and all that, but they could have managed it in a smarter way not just blocking out more than half of the world.

for instance I also use another service like veoh or youtube, called JOOST, ok anyone from anywhere can download their client, surf their pages, and also watch their videos, now I have to say some videos are BLOCKED, yes but I mean it's ok, they explain because of Rights those videos are not available in your area, that I do understand, they offer a service, and they have to abide to the law, and they explain why, and well they offer respect to the people.

like imagine again the balloon situation, they can't give you the flashy balloon, because they are not allowed to, but you can still get a plain white balloon. that's ok in my book, not 100% but it's better than just kicking you to the curve.

ABC, also does it in a VEOHISH manner, they have full episodes of their series online but you can only watch them if you live in the USA.

I love USA, they say it is a country of equality and freedom ! and they are the first people to BLOCK others from the WORLD WIDE WEB to access content...

it just ROCKS, WTG guys...

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