miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

ok All Done

Ok the surgery was a success, a few hours after it was finished, she was already hearing better, and well even with the surgery she was feeling good.. so well for the next few days I'll be taking care of her ( of course with the help of my GF ( wife ) mom and others around me, but that's fine. )

ok, that's it for that I guess.

I don't recall if I wrote or not on the Veoh thing that I found a way to "bypass" their protection, of course I will not discuss it here, but it actually allowed me to check out netflix "view now" you know netflix live movies "broadcasted" over the net.

yesterday I needed to see something to take my mind out of things so I watched superman, I have to say the quality was not what I expected, I mean, it was not 100% bad and I watched it and enjoyed it, I know for certain that netflix when they analyze your stream to see the quality they should deliver assigns you a quality that is fit for comfortable viewing using your internet speed, but I have that feeling that because of my "trick" I get less speed than what I am supposed to get.

but I also think netflix compression is not the best in the world. why, well for instance the ABC feeds I can watch them in full HD resolution, no skipping or anything. just a great feed, also on joost the images are AWESOME.

that reminds me of something I readed a few days ago about HD and Digital TV.

here where I live we has a HUGE report on a newspaper about the 2009 change to Digital TV in USA. but it was all WRONG.

and speaking with some people it seems that a lot of people have that concept messed up, DIGITAL TV, is not HIGH DEFINITION.

there I said it, but only DIGITAL TV, can have HIGH DEFINITION CONTENT...

now it is interesting where I live I saw something, that I did not know exactly how to explain I do have 3 HD channels, and 5 or so digital channels ( well 5 digital no-hD and 3 digital HD, so 8 digital channels )

anyhow I always scrolled around and saw the normal Analog channels, and they looked like SHIT, but the Digital ones where always crisp sharp, awesome, now the HD channels, well HD is HD.

well going back to what I readed they did a test, showing TV to different people with different qualities.

first the analog one ( the one we have been using since TV started, the yucky one )
of course it is AWEFULL.

then the Digital Broadcasts.

non HD... People loved it, because the image is very clear, and crisp.

HD... the same people love it, because the image is very clear and crisp.

most people did not find a significance difference between HD and non HD.

and well now I do understand that.. HDTV and DIGITAL NON HD TV after a few minutes your eyes think of them almost the same way, of course with HD you get to see things more clear, with more detail, but as we all know our brain when it has too much detail tends to just "remove" detail, because things would get very messy if we retained all that detail ( for more info about that look about researches on the savants, or savant syndrome, Google is your friend. )

So it makes me wonder when you first experience HD it is like WOW, but after a few minutes it is just... the same I guess, ( not the same as analog but the same as non HD )

So is HD too much for our senses, and we en up wasting "bandwidth" on something that we would never really get to appreciate, that makes me wonder really.

but I have to say one thing that since Internet Television, is delivered via digital, ( either HD or non HD ) it looks great, as long as you have the bandwidth to sustain a stream of a video feed, what you get is totally worth it. now if someone would start selling real CABLE over the web, ( not slingshot ) but I don't know get contracts with MTV, FOX, VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery etc etc. and send their live feed at what 500-2000KB/s that would really end up replacing cable TV.

and personally I think that joost is one of the pioneers on that field, I mean it would be awesome to pay your internet, a high speed connection and then pay well 20-30us$ a month to get 40-50 channels, I know akimbo did something like this and broke but maybe because of instead of using a PC they sold a box, that killed them but right now we can plug our PC's to our TVs and with slim clients and even linux or small distributions of XP ( like PE ) we could achieve this ( and I am not talking about IPTV )

we have to see what the future has in store for us.

see you later.

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