jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

agust 21

nice day, tomorrow is my Bday... kool, I never do anything for it, I guess I'm not the type of person that celebrates the fact that another year has passed...

today August 21, it reminded me of a song "Cuando agosto era 21" I'm not going to translate it but it's a very nice song indeed, about an abortion, or like what causes a young girl to abort, mostly the society. I guess life is like that, I'm not pro or against abortion, but I think it has to be seen on a case by case basis, some people can abort, other's can't.

Lately I have been working still on my HTPC ( home theather pc ) it is working now after some modifications, I realized something, what I like of having something like TIVO or a HTPC is mostly the ability to record rewind or pause live TV, all the other things are just icing on the cake, but well that's what is most important for me, I hate to spend my time just watching comercials. I have to say when I am in the right mood to watch commercials I go to youtube and watch them, ,and that's it.

also since my Video Caputre card the Hauppauge 2250 is somewhat new I made a website to centralize my knowledge of it it's : http://hau2250.eslashdot.com/ it does not has a lot of information but at least it has the information I have been able to find around the net.

Also.. I found out a couple of things using MEDIA CENTER for XP, XP MCE, for vista home premium, and for vista home premium code fiji ( the 2008 TV pack )

first where I am located I don't have an EPG, ( electronic programming guide ) ( bummer ) but I can generate one with a program such as TVxb, then using another program ( bladerunner ) you can "inject" the EPG into MCE, it's kool, but it seems that that only works on MCE XP, and MCE vista without the service pack 2008, as soon as you input the service pack 2008, the guide that bladerunner creates DOES NOT WORK with vista. so if you don't have an EPG listing for your card and use XMLTV ( generated by TVxb or anyother software ) don't even worry about installing vista TV pack. the standard changed and it changed a lot !

I analized the stream that was being requested by media center TV pack, in the past it was a guide.bin ( that is known and has been decoded ) but now there it seems to be using a .enc file, I did not even bother to capture the Enc file to try and decode it, because the other BIG problem is not the enc file ( well it could be super encrypted ) but on vista MC, the old one, you could re-set the download URL, and ask it to download the guide locally, so far I have not found where to change it on vista TV PACK, all the registry entries that you normally changed on vista MC to allow the download from another source are not respected by this new TV pack.. so no EPG, really REALLY SUCKS.

now I found out that installing the guide.bin file on vista is a real pain in the ASS, so I am coding an automatic installer / web server for doing it automagically, I think it will be released next week or so. ( depends on my back pain )

I have been working a lot on this ( therefore my back pain ) but at least it's kool to have an outlet from my regular job on Second life.

ty for reading

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