lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Ok Today I wanted Netflix on my nintendo wii.

It's an old wii that has a neogamma loader, (it's hacked ) so I wanted to put netflix on it as a wad without having to update the damn thing. ( You need Homebrew channel for this )

ok Real Quick here's what I did, I grabbed a copy of the netflix WAD. you can google the file here's the name:


Ok after you get those you need a program to install the wads on your wii.

The program to do that is a wad manager.

you can get the wad manager anywhere the version is 1.7 when I wrote this may 17/2011 so maybe there will be other newer versions if you ever read this, anyhoo the file name is this:


Next you need to have the HOMEBREW channel installed on your wii, if you do not have this you are screwed, and you need to install it, that's covered everywhere on the web so really I won't cover that.

ok so here's what you do next.

1-Grab an SD card or USB disk anyone will work.
2-Check that it's format on FAT or FAT32 ( NTFS won't work, if you have the SD from a camera most likely it will work without formating, you do not need to format the SD or the USB disk unless it's not fat or fat32 )
3-Make a folder on the device called "apps" inside this folder make another folder "wadmanager" Wad Manager file ( it's called WAD-Manager_v1.7.dol but you need to rename it to boot.dol)
4-Really rename the file to boot.dol
5-Copy the netflix wad to the SD or USB disk it's called Netflix NTSC-U.wad or NetFlixChannel-v1-USA.wad
6-you'll end with a this like this:
|--- Apps

The* are blank spaces =D

7-Go to your homebrew channel and your wadmanager will show up (if you did everything correctly, if you did NOT do everything correctly it will not show up, however it will have no icon or anything, you do not need it...
8-run the wad manager, keep pressing A until it tells you to select the wad to install,install the NTSC-U.wad and you are done.

Ok now you will have the netflix channel on your wii.. congratulations.

now if after you get the netflix channel you try to start it and it does not run, you have an old IOS.

so really you click on your netflix channel then it flashes and sends you back to the main screen, after a black screen you need another 2 steps.

Get a newer IOS, I used IOS56 and the filename is this: IOS56-64-v5662 so here are the steps:

1- Extract the IOS56-64-v5662 and get the content it's called: IOS56-64-v5662.wad
2-Place it on the SD card or USB card besides the netflix wad
3-Again run the wadmanager and now select the IOS56-64-v5662.wad
4-Install it ( same way )
5-you are DONE.

after that restart your will and the netflix channel will not only be there but it will work also.
well you need to activate it like any other netflix device.

Remeber you can almost always get a free 1 month Trial for netflix ... and they got anime and other stuff that kicks ass.

Good luck with using your wii for movies !

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

From time to time I write stuff here that I might forget... so here it goes

in windows the power control is done with this program powercfg , now you can make windows Not look at different programs that might be blocking your PC for going into sleep mode with this command:

powercfg -requestsoverride

now if the RAS, ( PPTP ) is not allowing your PC to go to sleep there's an easy fix you can type this:

powercfg -requestsoverride Service RasMan System

and then one would expect the thing to just go away but there's more to it... or there can be more to it, first of all in power settings ( look around control panel... or type the word power on search on the start button ) there you can do several things: ( in case this fails )

1-Create a whole new profile ( to the right of the power control )
2-Edit the power profile to:
1m power down the monitor
2m sleep
3m hibernate
this is for testing, if it does not sleep or hybernate you can just again re-make a new power profile
3-on a powershell do this: powercfg -requestsoverride Service RasMan
This will remove the Rasman from the exceptions then you can just re-add it by typing:
powercfg -requestsoverride Service RasMan System
4-To see what's overriden again type powercfg -requestsoverride
5-If with this you can't get it to sleep try a powercfg -ENERGY to see what other stuff is in there stopping the sleep mode
6-Try this also to see what's in the way: powercfg -requests
7-Remember you can ALWAYS remove any driver/system app or whatever just by using powercfg -requestsoverride
8- to see how to fill it up use the powercfg -requests, you'll get something like this:
C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -REQUESTS

[DRIVER] Realtek High Definition Audio (HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0888&SUBSYS
An audio stream is currently in use.
[PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume5\Users\chuby\AppData\Roaming\mjusbsp\magicJack.


So I could remove the sound card like this:
powercfg -requestsoverride Service "Realtek High Definition Audio" System

The last word is what you see when you use the request mode it can be:


that's all for now... thanks