sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008


Hi, I have had blogs on the past, but they are somewhat pointed towards specific topics, I figured out I need a blog space to post whatever comes to my head, independent of anything.

If I think it I might just write about it.

My name... I guess it's not important and it would be easy for you to find it ( VERY easy ) but this time I rather choose to be just another joe on the web.

I'm currently 32yo, will be 33 soon, ( I really don't like the number 33 ) anyhow, I work online, basically on Second Life, I "script" there, ( SL scripting is the programming language that makes thing become alive inside second life )

there I like to make utilities, toys and anything I fill that can full fill a need, normally my needs, and it seems that my needs are global, because I have had luck placing my products.

I have a condition called agoraphobia, so basically I do all my work online because, currently I can't go out of the house to get a "Real Life job" but I don't complain, I don't make millions but I am my own boss.

I have an ultra beautiful and awesome Girlfriend, she is the best, most of my life revolves around her, I also have 2 daughters ( and one on her way ) they are very lovable little girls, the light of my life.

I also have my other family mom, dad, aunts uncles, the works, they are nice people, I don't relate to them as much but they are kool.

people call me smart, I don't like that label but they still do, I think being smart is a bit of a lot of different things, and I don't fit in there, just partially, that's why I don't really like that tag.

anyhow besides that I love computers, and not only PC's but anything related to them, like Xbox, PlayStations, Cell Phones, PDA's you name it I like it.

I love to know how things really work, and how to make the most of them, so you could say I like to "hack" but not on the sense of "malicious hacker" but I just like knowledge.

one day I might be reading about Linux, the next day about Bluetooth, then about satellites, well you name it and if I find it even remotely interesting most likely I will get informed as much as possible about it.

sometimes I just read for the sake of knowledge because well you know sometimes you don't have the equipment to test everything but still that does not changes the fact that something is interesting.

I have coined a term, many many years ago... "Technocracy" a compound word between technology and democracy, personally it has a double sense, meaning all technology should be open to the people, and second, that we are ruled by a technology oriented world.

anyhow as I said before here I'll be writing about the things I do, and learn, about myself, my life and whatever I feel like.

Ty for reading.

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