martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008


Lately I have been kinda tired, but no matter what, I have to work, well, this past few weeks I have been kinda off Second Life, because, SL can be very very hard, it takes a lot from you, so I am giving myself a SL break.

Well now in the good news department, my NEW daugther was born 51cm, 3.7kgs, very healthy and my other daugthers love her, so that makes me happy.

Lately I have been working on my site Internetico adding stuff, I bought some software for classified ads but I have to say it was LAME to say the most so I grabbed the best of it and modified it in full, so now I have my new classified part of internettico you can check them here: classifieds ( like a craiglist ) I really like how it ended, but I guess that not very far in the future I'm gonna pimp it up with CSS and all those goodies.

as I said I am tired but I am also working a lot, I made a new opensocial application, I still have to submit it to more places but so far it has been accepted by hi5, it's called "Tabla de posiciones de costa rica", and I really like it.

I have future plans to develop more opensocial apps as well as to see how opensocial translates to facebook, so I can reach more audience, also get them on other sites like orkut and such.

Oh also .. very important... I have been dieting ! since october I have lost 17-18 pounds, doing calorie counting and stuff, so I am happy for that as well, at least my gut has come down.

I have other things to share but I guess that all in due time.

Thank you for reading.

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