miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Media Center for Windows 7 gets NETFLIX OFFICIALY !

at last !

What I had been wating for an official netflix for WMC !

Early on today I was going to watch some netflix, however yesterday I was looking at some stuff on internet tv ( part of WMC ), so I wanted to show it to my wife.

When I opened it, it started downloading again, I said weird an update I just installed it 2 days ago, so I let it go.

and then SURPRISE, InternetTV has a complete new look and the SO much expected WMC netflix plugin !! WOOT !!!!!!!!!

Windows 7 WMC

It seems to have everything, and it acually looks like the old netflixplugin
however it is fully embedded and starts the movies in full screen !


So after months and months of waitng here it is !

BTW, I am using the RTM ( build 7600) no idea if this is in the beta, I guess it is :)

have fun !

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